2022 dans le rétro...quelle année pour VOLUBILIS PARIS!

2022 in retro...What a Year for VOLUBILIS PARIS!

Looking back at 2022, it was indeed an eventful and exciting year for VOLUBILIS PARIS. The brand experienced immense happiness in designing dream slippers that combined the finest materials, luxurious leathers, soft velvets, vibrant colors, and chic aesthetics. The addition of two new French workshop partners allowed the collection to expand, offering a wider range of models for both men and women.

Throughout the year, VOLUBILIS PARIS had the opportunity to participate in various trade shows and exhibitions, including Maison & Objets and the Who's Next show in Paris. One of the highlights was the fantastic edition of MIFExpo, a celebration of Made in France products that showcased the talents and energies of local artisans.

The year concluded with memorable events, including a trip to Wallonia in Waterloo and the enchanting Christmas market at the Hôtel de Crillon. These experiences brought together the most beautiful lifestyle brands, creating a magical and extraordinary atmosphere.

Looking ahead to 2023, VOLUBILIS PARIS is preparing even more surprises and delights for its customers. The brand continues to celebrate elegance and the French art of living, with plans to introduce new colors for their popular slipper models and unveil exciting new products.

In summary, the year 2022 was a year of growth, success, and memorable moments for VOLUBILIS PARIS. As they look forward to tomorrow, there is an anticipation of continued joy in providing exceptional indoor shoes and celebrating the beauty of French craftsmanship.


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