To evoke sensuality, opulent materials, luxury, and comfort, a name emerges: VOLUBILIS. It initiates with a graceful spiral and resonates with sheer delight.


A garden in the Sky

Sensual with delicate and luminous hues, morning glories gracefully ascend and twine exuberantly around their support, enshrouding it with their leaves.

Belle-de-Jour is another name for this flower, whose corollas unfurl at dawn only to close in the evening.

Morning glories beckon you to dream and contemplate.





Immobile Journeys

Volubilis, a dazzling ancient city of Berber and Roman origin, serves as a magnificent wellspring of inspiration. We derive from the rich tapestry of imagination and the ideals embodied by this site, steeped in history and culture, bearing the imprints of diverse influences since ancient times.