Balletcore : le classique est tendance!

Balletcore: the Classic is Trendy!

Balletcore is the trend of the moment!

But are you familiar with this reference?

The term 'balletcore' combines the words 'ballet' and 'core' (for essential or central), and is used to describe a fashion style that draws inspiration from the aesthetics and grace of dance and ballet.

It's somewhat of a fusion between the world of classical dance and that of contemporary fashion. This trend seeks to integrate elements of artistic performance into everyday outfits, taking cues from dancers themselves, such as leg warmers, leotards, and ballet flats, thus creating a harmonious blend of elegance and comfort.

The balletcore trend has gained popularity in recent years due to its graceful yet comfortable approach to fashion.

Championed by the most prominent ambassadors (Bella Hadid, Alexa Chung, or Camille Charrière), it's embraced by the biggest names in fashion who take it out onto the streets, like The Row or Miu Miu.

On the footwear side, ballet flats, originally designed for dance, are now reimagined as a statement of chic and casual style.

Balletcore transcends fleeting trends in favor of a timeless and refined aesthetic. At VOLUBILIS, we can only applaud wholeheartedly as we discover that our approach aligns perfectly with this movement!

Indeed, our French-made brand VOLUBILIS aims to please beyond the effects of fashion trends. We're thrilled to find ourselves at the heart of this approach, which, by highlighting the ballet aesthetic, enables everyone, especially women, to express their style while feeling comfortable in their clothing.

We're advocates of ballet flats at home: by capturing the iconic lightness and finesse of these elegantly crafted shoes, balletcore translates them into a contemporary context where comfort and flexibility are just as important.

How does this translate into our collections of slippers and indoor footwear at VOLUBILIS?

Ballet shoes have long been associated with flexibility and freedom of movement. The balletcore trend gracefully and modernly reinvents the very essence of traditional indoor footwear, such as slippers and ballet flats. 

Our indoor ballet models, EVA and LIV, handcrafted in soft goat suede leather, perfectly exemplify this blend of chic and casual.

Quality materials like supple goat suede leather, which we meticulously select, effortlessly conform to every movement, celebrating flexibility while ensuring comfort throughout the day.

In a more refined rendition, our PIA slippers model, both elegant and versatile, embraces the delicacy and grace of classical dance slippers while offering the convenience and expected functionality of indoor shoes.

In summary, the 'balletcore' trend goes beyond mere aesthetics to create a holistic experience. Our indoor ballet flats, in addition to being stylish, provide a pleasant and comfortable sensation, inviting those who wear them to embrace their own inner grace.

Isn't this an excellent program for this fall season?


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