Comment tout a commencé

How it All Began


Many creators and entrepreneurs will tell you that they have designed and developed a product they were missing, something they couldn't find in the existing market or in traditional stores, yet something they had always dreamt of. Well, that's exactly what happened to us!

When it comes to being both beautiful and comfortable at home, the options are limited, especially in terms of footwear. We believe that well-being is essential. The warmth of a slipper, the quietness of a soft step, the feeling of walking on a plush carpet... what a joy!

However, traditional slippers are no longer as popular, and not everyone finds the style of slippers or Birkenstocks appealing. There was a clear gap in the market for an offering that combines the timeless elegance of street shoes with the comfort of indoor footwear.

Saying it like that may make it sound simple, but it actually took us months of testing and numerous prototypes. We are fortunate to collaborate with talented and dedicated French partner workshops, with whom we have developed and manufactured our first collection of indoor shoes.


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