Portrait de Virginie Courtieu, fondatrice de VOLUBILIS PARIS

Portrait of Virginie Courtieu, Founder of VOLUBILIS PARIS

Excerpts from the interview with the creator of the VOLUBILIS brand, Virginie Courtieu, on the Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry website:

How did you come up with the idea of starting a business?

"After 25 years in the media and tech industry, I wanted to embark on an impactful project that involved operational management as well as creativity and freedom. While searching for companies to acquire, I noticed a significant imbalance in the slipper market, with growing demand but limited supply. Personally, I couldn't find indoor shoes that were both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, so I decided to develop the products I had always dreamt of!"

Any advice for aspiring entrepreneurs?

"Once you have established the foundations and framework (market, product, differentiation), don't procrastinate and take action. Progress is made through action, including making mistakes. The 'test and learn' approach commonly used in the tech industry applies very well to entrepreneurship. I would also advise being clear about the maximum level of risk you are willing to take financially and personally from the beginning. Once you have clarity for yourself and those around you, take the leap!"

Is there a book, film, artwork, or quote that inspires you?

"One of my former bosses in the television industry, who taught me a lot throughout my career, had a desk calendar that featured a different maxim every day. It often stayed open on the page that displayed a particular sentence that I frequently refer to: 'What would you do if you weren't afraid?'"



Find here the full interview on the website of the Paris Chamber of Commerce


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