"Quiet Luxury" : Quand la Simplicité rencontre l'Élégance

"Quiet Luxury": When Simplicity Meets Elegance

A new trend is emerging in the world of fashion, known as "quiet luxury" or "discreet luxury". This trend represents a subtle balance between sophistication and simplicity, where the emphasis is on well-being and timeless elegance.

So, we at VOLUBILIS PARIS, have created not just a fashion brand, but a timeless and sustainable brand, finding ourselves at the heart of this trend!

"Quiet luxury" is indeed translated into all aspects of fashion, from clothing to footwear, and even home accessories. Renowned designers have understood the importance of creating refined pieces that evoke a sense of subtle luxury. Noble materials such as high-quality leather are used for their durability and timeless aesthetics – just like at VOLUBILIS PARIS. Artisanal craftsmanship lies at the core of this trend, with carefully handcrafted clothing and accessories, adding a unique and precious touch to each piece.

In the realm of clothing, "quiet luxury" is characterized by clean lines and impeccable cuts. Taking inspiration from the elegance of HBO's hit series "Succession", particularly since the release of Season 4, this trend continues to gain popularity and, good news, seems to mark the end of flashy logos and bling-bling brands! Designers incorporate elements of discreet sophistication into their creations. Neutral colors and soft tones prevail, creating a soothing palette that promotes well-being and serenity.

Footwear also plays a key role in this trend. Indoor shoes, such as slippers, ballerinas, and indoor moccasins, are transformed into true luxury items to pamper your feet. Crafted with quality materials and superior comfort, our VOLUBILIS PARIS indoor shoes combine functionality and discreet elegance.

"Quiet luxury" stands out by rejecting excessive ostentation. It celebrates a form of personal luxury, where simplicity and attention to detail take precedence over flamboyant branding.

At VOLUBILIS PARIS, we prioritize high-quality pieces with minimalist designs and refined details. So, you'll understand why we are firmly dedicated to this trend!

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