Une bonne résolution quand vous rentrez à la maison? Déchaussez-vous!

A Great Resolution when Arriving Home? Slip off Your Shoes!

Among the many resolutions people make at the beginning of the year, there is one that is incredibly easy to keep: taking off your shoes when you enter your home. The reasons for doing so are numerous.

HYGIENE Shoes harbor a significant amount of bacteria, often more than what you would find in a toilet! Scientists have discovered that our boots, derbies, boots, and sneakers are breeding grounds for bacteria, with hundreds of thousands of microorganisms per square centimeter. Every step we take provides an opportunity for these bacteria to settle in our shoes. Whether we walk in urban areas, metro corridors, or neighborhood sidewalks, the problem remains the same. Taking inspiration from the Japanese tradition of removing shoes before entering homes can greatly improve hygiene.

Consider that taking off your shoes benefits not only yourself but also those living with you. While not everyone has crawling toddlers or laid-back teenagers lounging on bedroom floors, the cleanliness and well-being of your household members are important.

SILENCE Removing your shoes also benefits your neighbors, especially if you live in an apartment building. The noise generated by shoes can quickly become unbearable for those living below you. Additionally, excessive noise within your own living space can be a nuisance for you as well. Embracing silence contributes to better sleep, increased serenity, and overall well-being.

PRIVACY In Asian cultures, removing shoes extends beyond hygiene and represents a sign of respect for personal space. In the Western world, this practice is often associated with creating a sacred space within the home. The apartment, in its modern form, has become a sanctified realm of privacy, where different standards apply to clothing and shoes indoors.

PHYSICAL AND PSYCHOLOGICAL WELL-BEING Beyond the rational and symbolic reasons, taking off your shoes at home is simply more comfortable and allows you to relax. It creates an environment where you can recharge and flourish physically and mentally.

COMFORT AND ELEGANCE When you leave your dress shoes, sneakers, boots, or heels at the entrance of your home, you can transition to indoor shoes that offer both comfort and elegance. VOLUBILIS indoor shoes were designed to combine the comfort of slippers with the style of moccasins or ballet flats. Our aim is to provide chic slippers that not only make you feel good at home (which is non-negotiable!) but also make you feel beautiful and confident, and bring pleasure and enjoyment.

So, take a step towards comfort, cleanliness, and well-being by adopting the practice of removing your shoes when entering your home.


Yankel Fijalkow. From comfort to the happiness of living

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